Sundance Companies Inc.

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 Solar Panels with Wind


Sundance Companies was founded in 1979 as a premier residential construction company in the heart of the Midwest. Over time demand increased for our expertise and quality work on providing sustainable solutions with roofing, siding, stone, stucco and brick.  Our commitment to delivering the best services in the construction industry eventually led to the creation of Sundance Exteriors Unlimited Inc.  This provided the platform needed to not only focus on residential construction but also support the natural progression into commercial construction.


 Sundance Companies continues to evolve within its core industries alongside changing times, materials and trends .

Through the years, Sundance Companies stayed at the forefront of a changing construction industry as well as the needs of the consumer. We quickly recognized the growing importance of renewable energy products which bring a beneficial return to real estate investments. This was the inspiration for the formation of Sundance Energy Solutions LLC.  Taking this path also aligned with our vision in creating, improving and maintaining sustainable living both at an individual as well as a community level.


We are committed to providing change where it matters.

Finally, continuing our focus with harnessing natural resources for optimum results Sundance Companies decided to elevate business to a global level by establishing Sundance International, a soft and hard commodities company. This expansion continues to support our mission to provide sustainable and affordable products to the consumer worldwide.
Through the last 37 years we have helped shape business in the Midwest by raising the bar of delivering quality products and exceeding client expectations across a wide range of sectors. Sundance Companies continues its legacy by continuing to thrive in all of its companies, seek future opportunities that support sustainability and in turn help the consumer and the environment we live in.


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